Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Avengers and Caption America the first Avenger review

Avengers and Caption America the first Avenger review

I watched both these movies recently. Something I've figured out is if these movies don't make you wanting to jump off the couch and save the world or help people then you are doing something wrong.
These movies are the movies for people who hate superheros. It sounds weird but its true. These movies are movies people will get something out of.

With the Avengers you have to have comic book reading background or have to have seen the first movies (Thor, Caption America, iron man, the hulk and possibly iron man two) before seeing this one as it will be really confusing otherwise, but even if you are confused on some parts it is still fun and an Adrenalin rush

Caption America was great as well from the story to the characters, this movie you can do into blind with out knowing much as the movie is the background story so you don't miss much, also the touch of seeing the comic in the movie was really nice.

I can't really review these, I feel action movies aren't really something you can review well its a “you have to see it” type of thing, I will admit I'm happy for tumblr, if it were not for tumblr I wouldn't have gotten how deep some secnces are. These Movies are must see.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Being home bound and other things I need to explain

For anyone who still reads what I post or is egarly awaiting my next post Thank you. 
Thank you for not giving up on me or this blog. 

I've been sick these past few days making it hard to do much of anything let alone post or write reviews. I do have Three posts ready to post and three reviews waiting to be written (as I said before being sick in a brain fog made it hard this week to get much of anything done). I'm hoping I'll get that posted soon, I've recently found it harder to review books, I know what I like about a thing but when I go and write it it isn't coming out the way I want, which is why my reviews feel lacking, short, or like its not getting what I want to say said. 

I'm not sure if this is a phase or what but I know its effecting the way I see books and reading.

While I'm not sure how to approch reviews from this point on, I do know that for a while (I'm not sure how long) but for a good amount of time I'm going to stick with my town library for books (not manga only books) and I'm going to read from JUST the town library or books I have sitting next to my bed for months etc. 

This will be from April 10th till when I feel I'm ready to use the library system again, 
for a list of the books I'll be focusing on see here: https://www.goodreads.com/review/list/2840977-kate?shelf=home-bound-list 

I will peroticaly chose a book not from my local libray if I feel its a "everyone is reading it and its on my to reads list and EVERYONE is talking about it" but for the most part I'm going to stick to my town library for most things
Again comics and manga are an exception 

If you don't see any updates on this blog but want to know what I'll read next look here: https://www.goodreads.com/review/list/2840977-kate?shelf=next-to-read

I also update on my other blog creative fantasies much more

Thursday, March 20, 2014

BR: Threshold

A simple 243 page middle grade novel or thats what it would seem. This story is full of colorful characters, a magical world, a nicely paced plot and so much more. I loved all the characters I love Rowan I have a thing for emo or goth, stoic, brooding, sneary types though I hope he isn't a bad guy.
Nina kiriki Hoffman is a wonderful writer she knows her stories and knows to show not to tell yet My only complaint with the novel is that in 243 pages while it is intriguing and it does keep you reading very little is answered and what is answered leaves you slightly confused because the author doesn't explain the world/s she's made enough in this one.
Portals? Other words? Portal keepers? Stolen babies? But what ARE these worlds? WHY is there a portal to earth? WHAT is Rowan's gate keeper duites? Etc.
A wonderfully magical story that makes you edgar for the second book

Cover: By a comic book artist I enjoy Joshu Middleton who also has drawn an X man comic I've read his artwork is stunning, magical, and makes the story pop

Rating: Middle grade (10 and up)

Company: Viking and imprint of penguin group

My rating : 3.5 I enjoyed it highly it was a great read and I sometimes slowed down just to read some bits more and more. That being said it wasn't a four star slam dunk it went a bit to much with out explaining WHAT this world was or WHY it worked that way, I know it will counitue in book two but that feels like “if you had to make it into two books it could have fit in one with this page count” the two books merged would have added up to 557 pages which is quite a bit however Harry potter and the deathly hallows comes up to 778 pages so -shrugs-
Highly enjoyable, easy to read world which made me as an artist want to draw these people out just as much as Maya does with in these pages

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

BR: Silver Borne


Can we talk about this cover for a moment? Before I get into the story I want to talk on this cover.
Before reading this series I'd seen this cover so many times, I was even tempted to ask my grandma to buy the book in a boarders going out of business sale just to own the cover, This cover is my favorite out of all of Dan Dos Santos works on the Mercy Tompson covers the tattoos so well done with the wolves and flows the way her back looks arched like that head slightly turned holding the book the colors rich and deep in real life. I love this cover.
As for the story this one took me by surprise. Fae stories and I don't get along, book three of this series was an “okay” book for me and I wasn't sure how well this one would have faired either. I highly enjoyed it, If I put it down it was only to work on a art piece or taking a break this had enough of the Werewolves in it to make me happy, enough mystery to keep me reading, and enough character development to keep my satisfied
Learning more about pack bonds, suicidal werewolves, and the whole mate bond was fascinating if a bit much at times pack rank could get a bit murky. The fae epically a new character named Ari were great and enjoyable. Jesse Adams daughter really takes charge in this one making her even more great a character then she already was.

Adam and Mercy's relationship is always a joy to read about, Mercy's view of the pack and her view of her, Mercy's role in the pack, sexy, sensational, and deep

Rating: Adult

Company: Ace Books

My rating : 4 of 5

Monday, March 3, 2014

March Reads 3/2/14

Touching Darkness by Scott Westerfeld
The second book in the midnighters series I finally decided to get around to reading the other two books in the trilogy. I haven't come across anything like this in a very very long time so I figured I'd finish this series and hope to kind something like it again soon

Thresholds by Nina Kiriki Hoffman
A friend from the library lent this one to me, I don't have a deadline persay but at the same time I don't want to forget about it eaither, I'm currently reading this on page 72 of 243 pages and am enjoying it so far I even plan on drawing out the characters as soon as possible
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Volume 2 by Heather Nuhfer & Amy Mebberson
A night read for me I tend to read comics at night now, am also currently readin. This is issues 5-8 of the my little pony comics in one book I skipped over an arc but it wasn't my fault exactly

Batman: Li'L Gotham #1 & Batman: Li'L Gotham #10 by Dustin Nguyen
Comics I bought from the comicbook store, its a really adorable sieres and I know I'm going out of order but it's fine again these will be read at night before bed as soon as I can

Thursday, February 20, 2014

MR: Bloody kiss

Bloody kiss

A Two manga book series about a Girl who inherent's a mansion and lives with vampires.
This is a series I read before I started blogging I read and own book one so long back I don't even remember buying it. I just recently finished the last book in the series and my first thought was “not as much vampire sexy” which is true.

The thing about book one that makes me grab and flip though it occasionally is the Art mixed with the pop of Vampire swoon worthy moments. There are about one or more every chapter in book one while in book two it was only three or less at most. Book one feels like there is a story being told book two feels rushed and like it is pandering to the love triangle and jokes the “plot” weakened and rushed
The bouns story in book two plot wise is almost identical to the story the author put in book one just different characters and the like.

This sieries over all isn't bad I just wanted more romance and less jokes or “oh no do I want to be a vampire? But I love him but I don't know” it got old fast and the only reason I kept reading was I was hoping for the swoon or a death or something really life changing which never came. The plot of her wanting to be a lawyer was all but forgotten about and it would have been good to see her balance that and living with vampires like the first book was starting to do. The artwork was really good though no matter what.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

I'm sorry for that. Time to start new

It's not the seven posts here that has me disgusted with my blogging.

Its. the. "reviews".

Dream thieves should have been me gushing and exploding with EVERYTHING I loved, hated, and could dissected and get out of the book. Instead what I did was less then worthy of my reviews or love of the book.

So like Jesuotaku I'm going to change how I review. Instead of trying to be spoiler free and deep I'm just going to type, giving a warning ahead of review if their are spoilers but then I'll just review not going in to part by part just review. 

Hopefully this works