Friday, February 20, 2015

Even heros fall but then they get back up Fan fiction


I wrote this whole story with my left hand only
It's OOC and fourth wall breaking and meant to cheer me up and keep my spirts up in bad times over this
I know this is not a good story

I hated heights, staring down at the drop below me I remembered something I read on an anxiety site once of someone else whom being sick of life thought he'd die of a heart attack before he dropped into the water. My right hand gripping the rail stung, for a week my hand was hurting and I could do very little about it. With out use of my right hand I was depressed combined with stomach pain that was lasting me for far to long. Thats why I found myself standing on the other side of a guard rail on a building in NYC. “its not worth it” I turned to see Mr.Banner coming towards me. Bruce Banner also known as THE HULK was a superhero and part time professor and doctor. I wasn't in school so I never had him as a teacher even if I was in school it would only be online and I still wouldn't have him as a teacher. I turned my back to the fall I also let my right hand dangle he slowed his pace but started talking. “It be a shame if I hulked out right here to try and catch you if you fell” by fall he meant jumped I know he did and he was right but I stayed quite “You know who I am yes?” he should have started with that first “Bruce banner, Also know as The Hulk I know of you well” a slight lie I knew his story second hand from online reviwer's, movies, and my boyfriend. He nodded at the rail now he leaned on it and looked at me. “Then finish this for me “You want me killed but you can't. I know I tried” what do I say next?” I knew the line well seeing as marvel movies gave me soulice in my dark moments up to this point “I got low I couldn't see a way out so I put a bullet in my mouth and the green guy spat it back out” he nodded rolling his finger for me to keep going “so I ran decided to make something of myself helping people” he smiled a tight smile “not quite but thats good” I let my left hand drop balancing just slightly. He made a grab for me just as I moved my body pushing off eyes closed. I dropped like a stone hitting something hard and felt arms around me I opened my eyes “God?” “not quite kid though if Thor was the one that cought you you would have been half right” Tony Starks voice I looked into his iron man mask I haden't even fallen a story when he cought me like a trip on the pavement.

He flew me back up to Banner “So whats eating you kid?” Tony took his helment off to look at me. So I explained crying as I did so about everything from my right hand and inablity to create no matter how short term it was, my depression, my physical aliments. “Well if you know Mr. Big green and angry over there then you know me as well” he gave a smile and I nodded admitting I had only seen the second movie and the avengers “I suffer from panic attacks and PTSD” he said this nonchalantly “I think you'd do well to watch how I got back up again” I knew what he meant in movie three he loses everything if I remember from the tumblr post it said he lost his home, his contacts with the people he cares for most, and his suit “Hey banner whats it called when hero's like us fall to our lowest point?” it was a rhetorical question but Mr.Banner answered “ Heroic BSOD or Blue screen of death” Mr. Banner pointed out. Tony shrugged nodding “known as a nervous breakdown in real life, but we don't let that stop us for long do we?” Mr. Banner shook his head I was starting to get the picture “I get it so what do I do now?” “Drink, arson, breaking into shield's top secret files...” Tony mused with a bemused look on his face. Banner facepalmed and laughed “or Tony she could focus on the things she can do in this situation for example type with her left hand,strengthen both her hands, watch a movie, read books, find a point in the situation that she can change” I nodded “She can start with watching Iron Man III and take this” Tony handed me a keychain of himself “ to remind yourself that even hero's can fall low” I looked over to see Banner reach into his pocket and push something into my other hand “but that we also get back up again” a mini hulk keychain rest in my other hand “So movie Banners place how about it?” Tony suggested. We laughed and talked on the way back down.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Taking a break

 “ have a point but this is consuming your life and you are being really mean and nasty with these call out journals and posts. you keep on telling me that you don't like drama but you are creating it my dear. You said there is nothing more we can do because the admins don't care...and so u said why should you care anymore.

You are just spiraling out of control and I'm worried about you....”

I woke up this morning and read a book. For many this doesn't seem like much but for me who for the past three years and a month would wake up and go right to the computer, right to the “what messeges are waiting for me?” “anything from Dormouse?” “any new drama crop up?” this was a step back into a me I remember enjoying who'd wake up and instead of hitting the power button would pick up her latest read in anticipation of what would happen next.

Thats why I've decided to take a month off of whatever website I can or when I can. This means:

I don't need to be on tumblr, not really, with OUAT in hiatus there isn't much but the temptation of one users blog, I'm thinking back to when it was MIA in the month of november and really the only thing I was happy about getting back on tumblr was the art, the personal tips, and the anti-anxiety happy stuff.
Now it feels heavy, overwhelming, and almost boring at times, I think if I separate myself from It a bit I'll be less attention seeking after a while

I need facebook to talk to many of my awesome people, But my going on durning library hours to vent about how insulting a 14/15 year old online is, or to play games, or look though posts I need to cut that out and only go on when I have something bookish to say (fawning over a NEW book by haper lee is library work after all) and in the mean time I need to keep it up when I know BF will be around but other wise should take the time to work on other projects

This site is my biggest enabler of drama sad thing is its so easy. Easy to find, easy to keep going, easy to get into. I'm going to have to try harder at keeping away from this site or at least make it a get in and get out mission for when I need refrences (see here: ) So if I can keep it to just using those, and then on sundays explore perhaps I'll get better.

I have a problom and I'm fully aware of it. But if I'm going to be a better person like my boyfriend is trying to be a better person for me then I need to get better, less depentend/addicted to the internet and drama. I'll need to break from the screen once I'm done with what I need or only go on sites when I need something (like refrences) I NEED to reinforce this I need to.

While I'm doing this you may see me sparcely or not at all on sites, you may hear from me at only some times and not like during the day. I need to work it out. I may be back to a normal schdual on this come March. But for the time being I'll try to do better and thats all I can really say
This may or may not effect reviews I need to get back to my love of books and reviewing books this will take a while I might have some small reviews coming though dunno

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Book Review: Adulting

 Adulting review

This book and I have a complicated relationship. That means this will be a long review but enjoyable to write. I Found a review for this book back in 2013 this book sounded like the kind of self help book I as a 22 year old trying to learn how to be independent needed so I borrowed this book from a library in September 2013, I got to page 108 before I had to return it to the library. I then put it on my christmas list and after a two month hiatus got the book. I continued reading in July of 2014. For those of you keeping tract I started in September 2013 then waited two months to get the book for christmas then waited another seven months to get back into seriously reading it. This book is not one you sit and read and review in a days time if you are one who is used to fiction, fantasy, and fast paste worlds. This is literally a self help your suppose to pick it up, flip to the section you need help in, and then put it back down. I wanted to read it from cover to end to be able to review it thoroughly.

This book is not a life saver it has its flaws. It doesn't in any compaction delve into mental health, it mentions it in the abstract “if your dating someone you should tell them” way but not in a “if you have anxiety this is how you deal with this”. Seeing as this book is not a self help on mental illness I can understand why it is worded the way it is but the issue comes at the segment “times were tough” in which the author writes on how to get though emergency situations the first is to remain cool. This is good advice for people who don't have anxiety. There are also other things such as how to be okay with being on your own again great for people who can in fact do so not so great for those of us who need at least one person around to feel sane and thus inlines one of the key issues with the book.
This book is aimed at able bodied, able minded, females. Nothing wrong with that but it does make it harder to use as a self help book. Secondly it doesn't address Long distance relationships in any compactity. I feel not only is this a waste but it also makes the “love” section irrelevant to some if not most. Not everyone who is dating is doing it in person 24/7, 365 days, a year. I would have liked some insight into LDR with the relationship advice but also would have liked it if dealing with Families wasn't the last thing in the book as for some of us Family drama hits closer then say a romantic relationship does.

However for it's flaws “Adulating” does well as a pick it up and use as need guide to being a 20 something and an adult,while I didn't find all of it helpful right in the moment I know I'll be using it as intended as a reference book in the very near future. It took me a Year to finish but it does well with what it teaches.

My Rating: 3 of 5

Monday, December 29, 2014

Top 15 reasons I'm Excited for 2015

Just about everything I'm going to list here could be seen as the # 1 reason almost none of them out weigh one or the other and all 15 reasons are equally important.

  1. All the books to read
    Not just all the books coming out but I'm also excited for all the books to read in general. 2014 was a good year for books but 2015 is the one we are all waiting on. Oblivion: A Nevermore Book (Nevermore #3) by Kelly Creagh, the fourth raven boys book. But I'm also excited to be going back and reading older ones like getting around to the “How to train your dragon” book series, continuing the Mercy Thompson series, finishing series like he demons lexicon trilogy, or the crusaders trilogy as well. So many books I can't wait to start. So many series to finish or begin. (I plan on making a list of there own for this

  1. Being Diagnosed
Something you don't know about me but I have anxious moments. Sometimes they are light sometimes they are crippling but they are always there. This is why I'm so up and down sometimes reading and posting like crazy and other times not feeling like doing anything. In early 2015 this will change I'll finally have a name to these (GAD, Bipolar, OCD, depression, etc) and maybe finally have a way to combat the worst days and make better of the good ones. This is something I'm highly excited about just due to how it'll change my life for the better even if I get nothing more then a title for my nature it's better then nothing

  1. Getting my christmas present from my partner & Spending yet another year together
Oh the Joy of long distance relationships. Me and Dormouse have been together for about two years now. With 2015 coming up this also means I get to spend another year with him online, I have someone who has my back and thats what matters, I plan on getting more in touch with how to go though a LDR and perhaps work towards a small -cough- goal of seeing each other for my 25th birthday. We have a mighty year ahead of us both needing dental work, both finding ourselves things like that. However what will make the year much better is getting my christmas present in early 2015 <3 a="" about="" and="" as="" be="" blog="" but="" can="" feel="" font="" for="" get="" getting="" got="" hang="" he="" him="" i="" it="" ldr="" ll="" me="" money="" my="" not="" on="" only="" over="" plan="" post="" posting="" see="" seriously="" sure="" t="" that="" to="" u.="" up="" wait="" what="" wii="">

  1. Trying new to me anime and continuing ones I started this year
Anime. I used to be the biggest anime watcher, and then anime dwindled, I recently found anime on hulu and with that I plan on watching more. I've been adoring Sailor moon Crystal like really really eating it up, Do to being more open minded now then I was back in my serious anime days I also plan on watching anime I used to go “ew” about such as “Marie watches over us” and see how I enjoy that I might also see if I can find Card captors sakura in sub or another cutesy anime. I'm really excited to get back to my anime loving self <3 font="">

  1. More artwork to create
As seen above 2014 was not my most artistic productive year nearing the end. But now? Now I have so many projects and ideas. Such as Vampire belle, drawning my vampires in modern clothes, drawning a whole bunch of fan art, drawning so many characters in so many styles. I have about 102 picture ideas and so many more to come based around ideas like the sheep magical girl and the goat boy (idea by ) So yeah I'm supper excited to start drawing again

  1. Getting back into “Dollography”
I haven't taken a picture of my dolls since reviewing invia-billy and then all he's done is stand on my book shelf for nine months, with getting two new dolls, a hand full of LPS and having a 20 pony collection of MLP blind bag ponies I thought it was time to give them there due. Time to get back into photography time to dress them up time to be fancy and fun.

  1. All my TV shows coming off of hiatus
This one is self explanatory but I Love once upon a time, I can't wait to get back into defiance, I love my shows and the OUAT fandom and it will be fun to have TV dates with Dormouse again I miss those

  1. All the fanfiction to write
2014 was a start of fanfiction writing for me. I started with two short danny phantom fictions and tried to go further with another which flopped each time (I think I tried to write it three times?) however out of that came my realization of how fun it is to write and read fanfiction again. I have about nine different ideas including a OUAT christmas carol, rewriting and making my “twin souls” DP fanfiction longer, reworking the “Sam with a girlfriend” DP plot idea, as well as one with the magical girl dream sheep and nightmare goat boy (idea by ) like with the art I'm excited about these projects and can't wait to work on them. As well as having my own orginal works to work on.

  1. Focusing on my physcial and mental health
Church, Computer, TV, grandmas, Out and about possibly shopping, computer, Library work, computer, TV shows, computer, computer, library work, computer, computer, This is my sunday to sunday routine. Do you notice anything? Seven days a week 365 days I'm on my computer. I'm on my computer more then I do anything else more then art, reading, crocheting, archery, I'm on my machine.
I have a schedule written out in which I take my 9:00-11:45 day and only 6 hours of that day is for my computer in one way or the other. I need to get off my computer more I'm addicted and am aware of that I hope to fix my computer bingeing. This will help with my mental health as well as my physical health both are things I worry about often due to all this computer usage. Being a big selfish and focusing more on me might actually help me be better. I'm so worried about what everyone else thinks and does I never apply that to myself. I need to get out of my dingy room with just a laptop and really focus on my health

  1. Finding my spirituality
I've recently be questioning my relgion, in 2015 I really want to crank it up a notch and find my beliefs and spirituality outside of the church

  1. Spring cleaning/redecorating my living space
I've spent a year in a mess not liking my room, not liking my living space that is my room. So I plan on cleaning and orgnizing and maybe getting some pictures on my wall since they are so blank, as well as getting better more happy lighting

  1. Remaking my blogs
See here for those plans, but I'm excited to be part of things, fandoms, OUAT the sheep girl and goat boy which may or may not be named Yoi yume o the sheep magical girl creation fandom is in the making.

  1. Sewing and crocheting more
Having a scarf project to work on for my dormouse made me happy and kept me busy as well as off the computer for a bit, I want to try making a hat to go with his scarf maybe I've always loved the idea of making a hat. And as for sewing I have so much materiel and so many ideas written down and dolls to sew for.
  1. Being able to say “I got that done”
I possibly have to get a physcial, and defently have to get my wisdom teeth removed and while I'm NOT in anyway excited for this I'll be happy to finally say “okay got my wisdom teeth out” or “okay got blood work done” it's scary, anxiety or panic inducing, but I know it just means one more step towards being with Dormouse in person and being an adult.

15. Getting a Job
I need a job, and while a job it's self is scary and anxiety inducing making money might help me with my hang up on money as well if I have it coming in more regularly

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Troo DNF overview

I was introduced to this series by someone on an art website. The show is in polish with no subtitles at all. I went into it knowing that and hoping that perhaps the show would still be able to be watchable even with out the dialog or understanding the dialog. I made it to episode 12 before I called it quits on this 24 episode ride. 

I think this is a show that if you understand polish could be very...well no you'd be able to make sense of it much more but good isn't what this is. Sloppy animation, reused walking reels, reused facial expressions, and a plot that seems to jump everywhere. Making sense of this with out knowning polish is like trying to teach a fish to fly, you think its going one way but then something happens and it goes another, you think its about and emo boy moving to a new town then its about drugs then its about these creeps then its about what?. However for what it is there are clips in there that make it feel almost like a really bizzar music video  and perhaps thats part of why I kept watching with out sound it was like a really bizzar music video that I was hoping would pick up but never did. 

This is dialog heavy as such you know not polish? you outta luck. 
However for all its worth I know I won't forget about this little strange animation and I plan on drawing fanart of said strangeness soon

Saturday, December 27, 2014

What will become of my Blogs and sites in 2015 “Ghostlygoth98” My plan will be to post meme's and artwork if the artwork is for Marieangel04, or practice in scraps only otherwise meme's and ID's, I plan on going though my meme stash and no longer post ones that have to do with screencaps Purplewolf91212 this is where most of my art work will be but only stuff I'm really happy with in one compasity or another

Wolfpups91212 blog: I won't link to this one but this will be one for when I have a relgious or spirtial awkaing or if I just don't feel comfertable posting about it on my other blogs since this one is privet in the way of you need to be a member of the site, and a girl,

ateporaryblog: My Top hiccup research blog, using to be able to draw a Dom, manly, top hiccup, once the pictures are drawn I'll most likely delete this one and it will not be going to much further into 2015

musicalreblogs: Keeping this one and no real changes my blog for when I reblog music

kittyearscuriosity: My Private and personal blog, no real changes, will be keeping and keep going with it as is

foreverandalwaysart: Keeping as my art reblog blog no real changes

fairytalesandfeathers: This is the blog that is going to go under the most construction, I plan on keeping it like its name light and joyful, I plan on posting my fan art here as well as rebloging/posting OUAT related things, HTTYD, related things, MH related things etc etc, fandom things. I'm keeping it a fandom blog with fandom things and not a phtography blog anymore

Today I feel/myemotionsandi: I plan on keeping and keeping up with this blog, I find while hard to remember on a good day this blog helps me out on my bad days a lot and I would love to get in depth with it and really keep up with it.

Creativefantasies: One of the most neglected blogs I've made which I plan on changing And making it more happy and friendly and posting more, perhaps some phtography, perhaps some art, musings on things I'll see what I can make of this blog.

ghostofthestill: My much neglected book review blog as of this year I've only posted about 17 book reviews I also tired to make them fancy and name then fancy things. For 2015 I plan on reading more books, reviewing more books, and keeping up with this site more and really setting aside time for my blog because I DO enjoy making book reivews I do enjoy talking about shows, books, movies, I just don't keep up with linking as much as I should

IATBOG/thisisnotthewebsiteyouarelooking: This website I made for my partner's characters for I think his birthday, he didn't seem to thrilled by it and I've been neglecting the poor site for 8 months now, I'm considering weather or not to really keep it but I'll perhaps play with it more on and off in the up coming year.

Stepping stones (Artisticrecovery)/ steppingoutoftheshadow: This website I made has been a life saver and now that I have it fixed up with the galleries I plan on not only keeping but expanding this more. It still needs a cover page, and for me to fix the “it's a work in progress” description, but I am dentally going to keep this up in 2015 and keep up with it better in 2015

untitled/bigeyedcutethingsphotgraphy: A recently made website for my photography as of 12/26/14 I haven't been doing much photography, Recently got a bunch of MLP, LPS, and MH dolls/toys so I figured why not make a website specificity for my photography? I very rarely look at my own photos after I take them so I hope having a site of its own (that won't turn into a drama bomb) will help motivate me to take photos and craft for said dolls more.

Monday, December 22, 2014

The curiosities: A collection of short stories

This book has sat on my to read shelf since March 22, 2012, I kept meaning to read it but pushed it back again and again. When my mom said "it's $5 should I get it for the library?" I jumped at the chance to finally read it. The Marry sisters of fate is a trio I've heard of though Maggie's blogs for six years I remember even at one point going to the account and reading a short story or two.
I am admittedly jealous I don't have close friends or critique partners like Maggie and her friends have there inside jokes, comments, and close friendship with each other is something most people only dream of. Perhaps this is why I kept pushing the book aside.

I finally got my hands on and read it, like most Anthologies the stories will be reviews one at a time individually, I do want to comment now however that the doodles, commentary, and bits like "how to end a story" or "what to do when your stuck" was very charming and added more then deducted from the stories themselves. As for the stories themselves? Well here you go 

The Vampire Box by Tessa Gratton, The first short story. The story is about a girl and a vampire in a basement. This story does what good stories should do. It made me want more now seeing as it was a short story at only five pages not much was delved into well I'm sure if it was a full length novel why vampires are good luck, her relationship with Saxon, Saxon himself, and the possible trails and tribulations of what next would have been fleshed out much more, but seeing as this was a five page short story I'll give it this, It got me invested, I wanted more, I got what I wanted and knew enough about the characters to be invested in them to the point that when it ended I wanted more. Very atmospheric and for such short pages believable romance 4 of 5

A Murder of Gods by Maggie Stiefvater. As per usual this was rich in what makes a Maggie book a Maggie book. A story about a school of misfit children who's parents are the greek Gods, we the readers know this but the characters do not and figuring out who's kid is which is enjoyable. Rich detailed characters with backgrounds and descriptions enough that I knew and understood who was who why they were there, where there was. Not just this but Maggie has proven with this story she can write anything and a full on story of Greek mythology wouldn't be out of her realm of possibilities. From what little I knew of the characters I instantly fell in love with each of them and wanted more. This was a rich atmospheric story with deep characters you could easily emotionally connect with. 5 of 5 

The power of intent by Brenna Yovanoff, This one perplexed me. It started off well enough but the trouble was I couldn't figure out why I should care about the characters, I didn't understand the motivation nor did I fully understand the ending or the consequence of the ending. Throwing in the “I'm invisible” thing and keeping that while also introducing this spell casting ability made it confusing epically the end when the guy is puking his guts out and only he sees the girl who cast the spell. Over all very confusing Unlike Tessa I believe I had tried at one point to read a Brenna book I can see the appall of her writing but it just doesn't grip me like Maggie or Tessa's do and did. 3 of 5

A history of love by Maggie Stiefvater, This one is very short and while I didn't love it the characters grew on me. Something I found lacking was an explanation of who these characters were as people, her other story a murder of Gods did that better where you know the characters were not normal or something was up. Here the only thing I got was “history majors” and some kind of on again off again romance with two of them and a genuine friendship with the other two out of the four characters. The ending while good felt like an inside joke that unless explained anyone who was never a history major wouldn't understand. The characters themselves were good enough but we never got the why of them which was kind of sadden. 3 of 5

 Girls raised by wolves by Brenna Yovanoff, This one. I can see now these stories are niche if you like her brand of writing you'll like her stories. This story was about a popular girl and an not so popular girl and possibly girl love. However seeing as I did want to know more this story was alright. The ended and some of the pieces of the story made me curious as to what would happen next 3 of 5

Date with a dragon slayer by Tessa Gratton, At the start of this story Maggie Stiefvater says this is a very Maggie story. In fact this is more a Maggie story then Maggie's story "A history of love" was. Reading this was a mythology whirlwind and absolutely charming. A dragon slayer is going to go on a kill but before he does wants a date a "lokikin" girl enters her name and from there? well you'll have to read but the characterization made me wanting more. I started to question if this was what inspired The Lost Sun (The United States of Asgard #1) she wrote since I could see where the similarities lie. Tessa writing is writing that makes you want more and it gives you just enough character to make you care and question but not so little that you don't understand them. This was a wonderful example of that 4 of 5 

Scheherazade by Brenna Yovanoff. Finally one that knocks me off my feet and make me goes "What?" in the positive way. You know when a twist comes and your just so puzzled at what you just read that you just go "omgosh what??" This one was good and scary as well as twisted. While I personally would never want to read a full novel of that it would make some really good full story down the road. Also I can see the power of her writing now "Contemporary with a twist"4 of 5

The spiral table by  Tessa Gratton For someone who says she despises the King author Legend she writes amazing with it, while confusing at some points it reminded me of Patrica Briggs faeries it was very well done and very intriguing I wanted more or to write my own fantasy story 4 of 5 

The Madness of Lancelot by  Brenna Yovanoff I forgot to review this one, and in truth I kind of forgot this one becuse I honestly didn't understand it. It was about a boy and a girl and a man made lake that is home to there old town. While intreaging it was more frustrighting then anything making you pecie together what it was you just read rather then oh and ah about it. 2 of 5

The wind takes our cries by Maggie Stiefvater. This is the perfect short story. No more words needed but I'll say them anyway. This. is. the. perfect. short.story. This story has a begging, middle, and end, it gives the character personalitys and lays out a very short very well rounded story all in a short matter of pages. Nothing is open ended, nothing is left making you question, you leave the story feeling as if you read a complet short story. Not only that but from one persons perspective you not only know the character from her view but you understand the character on there own way. you can pecie together what happened and what is going to happen and its one you NEED to read 5 of 5 stars 

Auburn by  Brenna Yovanoff this one is one strange fantasy it shows echos of her other story
Scheherazadebut in a lighter more confusing tone, it's set to a rock concernet and horny young adults the feeling is  muggy and burned out type of tone it doesn't really play well and comes off as a stange sexual fantasy but light 3 of 5

The deadlier of the species by Maggie Stiefvater. MAGGIE DID ZOMBIES!!!! It's official she can do no wrong (though mythology and magical realism is her wheel house) this one was creepy infected water, two people who hate each other just make sure you read it during the day 4 of 5

Puddles  by  Tessa Gratton this one was interesting and I still remember i even though i didn't review it right away it made me want to know more and was really well written and spell binding it came off like something out of doctor who it was rich in possibility and creepy factor 5 of 5

The Bone-tender by Brenna Yovanoff Another good one about a boy who could heal bones and was almost compelled to. the ending while a good build up to it felt a bit out there. despite the authors note in the beginning it would have been nice to see the flaws of this power in a sentence before the big build up ending. despite that I'd love to read a book with these characters in them 4 of 5

Death-Ship by Tessa Gratton. This one was sombering and sad but very rich and deep in setting, character, and culture. While I didn't 100% understand the culutre I highly think they were vikings. The story is long and well written the ending made sense but was also a big confusing with the talk of kings and masters 4 of 5

The last day of spring by Maggie Stiefvater. did they have sex? that was the only thing I was unclear about in this. other then that the world and story were oh so maggie rich and beautiful I wanted to know more of this world where magic and church sit side by side. It really made me question and brought up some great topics 4 of 5

Cut by Brenna Yovanoff eek this one. upon looking back to do these reviews since I've been behind I looked at this one and went "what one was this again?" it was supposed to be a telling of snow white about the step mother the atmosphere was creepy but it just...I didn't understand the characters, setting,era, and it was very forgettable 2 of 5

The philosopher's Flight by by Maggie Stiefvater I want more of this world, the twist was brillant and I wanted to understand more of the world but the characters were well done 3 of 5

Ash tee spell to break your heart by Tessa Gratton Wizards, a rivalry,death, love. This world is rich and brillant with an interlocking history of hate and magic. If I had to complain about one thing is that we are thrusted into a world of character not story we are thrown in the middle of a story and a world with out much knowlage on how it works. By the end it makes you want more and a richer indepth look at the why's and hows. 4 of 5

Rain maker by by Maggie Stiefvater. within the notes Maggie says "sometimes my own stories surprise me and make me feel uncomfertable" and reading this story I think I know why, a dystopian about no rain, no water, about killing Dogs like a golden reteriver and realtiy TV shows things that are all just very very close to the surfuse of our real lives, its uncomfertable becuse it mirrors what we could be 4 of 5 

Dumb supper by by Tessa Gratton This one is one of the best it's all in word and no out word diolog and it's sweet and romantic and chilling, this is a nice calm yet spooky read. 5 of 5 

Neighbors by by Brenna Yovanoff. I need to complain about one sentence/paragraph in this which is "I mean distance is a killer, and how long can you really stay together when texting is the primary bauau for a relationship?" That one line as someone in a long distance, Text/facebook primary relationship totally killed the story for me. However pushing my own views of that line aside the story it's self was well done. I saw the one plot twist but not the second and yes there were two and it made me go "what?!" in the best way possible the characters are likeable and it was a very intreastin story 4 of 5

Counil of youth by Maggie Stiefvater. I WANT A FULL NOVEL OF THIS OMGOSH.!!
Kids in control! no one under 30? what in the world? I honestly had no idea what was going on or the world building but I loved how this was written and the idea of it and ghaa just read it 4 of 5 

The summer ends in slaughter by Tessa Gratton this was another good one, very creepy and scary and bloody, by the end of it  I wanted to know more and yet I wanted to get out of that world. the world it's self is very old fasioned, grim, and dark, about ghosts, demons, scarfice, very well written 4 of 5 

Blue as God by Brenna Yovanoff.  I see a pattern forming here.  another one about a girl and a creepy guy to be perfectly honest I don't remeber much of this one as much as the others 3 of 5 

Thomas all by Tessa Gratton  Fea and water horses. Oh the fea....this one was creepy though I didn't get "horror" out of it like everyone else did I got urban fantasy more. It was a fun ride though I didn't really understand it even though I understand the motivation of the character well 4 of 5

Heart-Shaped box by Maggie Stiefvater York I like you. Seeing a character before they become the character you know is amazing I see much of "cole st.Clair" in "York st James" Other then the illness and self harm the suicidal-ness of the character hidden behind music and a band is very cole, the relationship between him and Jude also reminded me much of linger and sinner, and the ending...oh that ending. The world is dark and sick and in some ways I want more 5 of 5

Berserk by Tessa Gratton This one took me two nights to read but was worth it, this one is rich in character, world, and detail making me question if her book series the "the united states of asgard"is similar if it is I'm stoked this had some deep deep story to it 4 of 5

Lazarus girl by Brenna Yovanoff. This one gave me nightmares and I'm not even 100% sure of what it was about exactly 3 of 5

Another sun by Maggie Stiefvater The last story and another creepy dystpian with amazing characters and an unexpected ending, richly detailed richly creepy and amazingly done 4 of 5

And thus I'm finished reading this book and you can tell I started to waver near the end of how to review these if I had to rate them from best best to not my cup of tea it would look something like this  
The wind takes our cries by Maggie Stiefvater.

Dumb supper by by Tessa Gratton

Heart-Shaped box by Maggie Stiefvater

Puddles  by  Tessa Gratton
A Murder of Gods by Maggie Stiefvater.
The Vampire Box by Tessa Gratton,
Date with a dragon slayer by Tessa Gratton,

Counil of youth by Maggie Stiefvater.

Scheherazade by Brenna Yovanoff.

The last day of spring by Maggie Stiefvater.

The summer ends in slaughter by Tessa Gratto

Death-Ship by Tessa Gratton.

The spiral table by  Tessa Gratton

Berserk by Tessa Gratton

Another sun by Maggie Stiefvater

Ash tee spell to break your heart by Tessa Gratton

Neighbors by by Brenna Yovanoff.

Thomas all by Tessa Gratton 

The Bone-tender by Brenna Yovanoff

Rain maker by by Maggie Stiefvater.

The deadlier of the species by Maggie Stiefvater.

A history of love by Maggie Stiefvater,

The philosopher's Flight by by Maggie Stiefvater

 Girls raised by wolves by Brenna Yovanoff,

Auburn by  Brenna Yovanoff

The power of intent by Brenna Yovanoff,

Blue as God by Brenna Yovanoff. 

Lazarus girl by Brenna Yovanoff.

Cut by Brenna Yovanoff

The Madness of Lancelot by  Brenna Yovanoff 

Overall this was a great book, very well put together and amazing to read and get into the heads of authors I knew of or one I already loved. I'd pick it up if you are a fan or if you want to know these authors writing styles in any way 

My rating 4 of 5