Thursday, December 11, 2014

Blue lily lily blue Review

Blue lily lily blue, kings and queens, swords and things blue lily lily blue...

If I had to complain about anything in this book its the lack of Latin. You see I listen to the Raven cycle on Audio book and the way Will Patton does Ronan's voice while speaking Latin is one of the highlights of the audio. The only other complainant is the ambiguity of the cliff hanger. Other then that this book is lush and funny and character building. This book really hits it's stride with the jokes and humor, and full introduction to a character we  heard of from "Dream thieves" having full on chapters was the funniest moment in the audio book which had both my mom and me pausing it just to laugh and laugh before continuing. It wasn't just those chapters though all though out were new funnier moments, the boys just being boys, and new chracters to make it even more humors

This book also shows the love the characters have for one another
Ronan/Adam, Adam/Gandsy, Noah/everyone(mostly blue), Blue/Adam, Blue/Ronan, Blue/Gandsy, Gandsy/Ronan/Adam are just some of the moments in this book that really show how interwoven everyone is to one another. The moments are funny, plot changing, shocking, tender, romantic. This book more then plot is characters and character driven. Its even more apparent here and it's wonderful. We are also introduced to five new characters in this, some are long standing others for this one book only, but the characters themselves make this book rich. (I will note however that one new character may become highly annoying if you are listening to this on audio while he does a sing song voice can and will get on your nerves). While the characters are rich the plot seems to pander in spots, the end or near end as well, However none of it was boring, each chapter each growth had a reason and a purpose in being there. We see the aftermath of Adam's relationship with his father intertwining with his new role, while Dream theives was ronoans coming of age realization in a hand full of chapters Blue lily became Adams coming of age realization.

The word mirror is used repeatedly here, new secrets are found, and old ones come to light, You can't say much more on this book with out spoiling it. This book needs to be listened to or read to believe

My rating: 4 of 5
Highly enojoyable and I'd even listen to it again just for the narroators voice

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A Mistake on my part

I think I know what happened too.
I had accidently posted a reivew that was still in the works it got two views on it and it wasn't till today when I went to work on it when I went to work on it that I realized I posted it instead of hitting saved I hit published. 

THE CURIOUSITYS review is NOT FINISHED yet. I'm thankful for the two people who saw it but I'm not finished with all the stories or reviewing all the stories yet. It might take me a little while to fix this little hiccup now 

I'm sorry for the inconvenance and the not finished review

Friday, November 21, 2014

How to train your dragon 2 Review

Big ideas, Big story, Big plot, Poor execution and or pacing. I
would like to talk about that first. The very very big thing I noticed is the pacing in this movie is very over the place. Unlike HTTYD This movie has subplots and plot plots and "what is this?" plots which I'll make a rundown of 
1. Dragon racing 
2. Fishlegs and snout lout have a crush on ruffnut 
3. Hiccups dad wants him to be chief 
4. Hiccup learns of drago and the dragon trappers
5. Hiccup finds his mom
6. Eirk son of Eriks sub plot
7. Character death and funeral
8. Beating the bad guy 

All of these plots were not given enough room to breath Dragon racing was put in just for some light heartiness against the dark dark backdrop of the movie. Fishlegs and snoutlout have a crush on ruffnut was never explained, her sudden notice and crush on them was also never elaborated upon so it just came out of no where, forced, and awkward humor. Hiccups dad wants him to be chief was good but again it gets glossed over only becoming important after a character death and loss and only coming into full full swing near the end. The impact of Hiccup becoming chief however hasn't quite hit and perhaps its like grief in general were the loss doesn't quite hit you till later on. Hiccup learns of drago and the dragon trappers this also felt out of no where, forced, and isn't given the time it needs perhaps if hiccup mentions how "we've noticed the dragons have been disappearing" or "lately the dragons have been acting a bit strange" or some nudge of the plot that would lead into dragon trappers being a thing. Hiccup finds his mom. This part felt good this part also took up a good chunk of the movie and while it didn't feel forced something felt very lacking about it as if all other plots and sub plots where moved aside for this point, not only that but the breaks in between to show drago the bad guy and our other sub plot made it feel very choppy. Eirk son of Eriks sub plot Again felt very out of no where rushed. The sub plot it's self (him learning to accept dragons) went very well and was paced well as well. The issue is that the character was underdeveloped, we are told he is scared of drago and shown why, we are shown sides of him...but we don't know who he is really and in trying to make a sub plot that is not the way to go.  Character death and funeral The character death and what happens after was done very very well. The funeral felt out of no where however. It was so sudden so right away and the tone of it was very very "End of movie" instead of "dark spot before the hero wins the day". Beating the bad guy Toothless and hiccup teaming up, do you trust me, and all that good stuff. The Boss battle fight was superber action packed and a joy to watch. But due to the lack of development in the other plots it almost felt wasted. 

Despite the weird pacing, lack of explanation or side character development I really enjoyed myself and this movie. This movie reminded me why I love HTTYD so much. Hiccup and toothless's frindship is spot on, it made me cry, and its so deep. they are friends best friends, platonic soul mates,And I love them and this movie it wasn't amazing like the first one and I had more complaints then I did the first one but scene by scene I loved it

I love older hiccup and I love the hiccup toothless friendship and Hicstrid. Watching Hiccup and Astrid interact reminded me of my own relationship with my boyfriend. Hiccup is 3 years younger then me and like me is a premature baby. I Love hiccup for hiccup. Hiccup is a Man he is a boy growing up he is a lovable goof who reminds me so so much of my own boyfriend. 
I love these characters 

My rating: 3 out of 5. I'd watch parts of it again that's for sure

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Then you were gone, why we need more "just okay" books

A short 224 page book with a small history for me behind it.
This book I added to a "highly interested in" list I had made back in 2013, it jumped back and fourth nine times between August 10, 2013-October 24th,2014 when I finally got to reading it.  I originally added it due to loving books about self discovery and suicide. I wavered back and fourth, getting it to own by accident though a library system related thing got an ARC which by that time wasn't a new book. I Finally read it. By page twelve I wanted to laugh and laugh and couldn't wait to continue reading just to be able to blog about how mediocre the writing was. But as I kept reading something happened.  I found I was enjoying it. The cliche characters, the over the top use of the F word, (the fact that I didn't flinch or care about the amount of F word usage), the confusing plot and happenings, the short chapters, the short amount of pages. I really enjoyed myself in a so bad it's good  way with this one. Before I go into how that is so let me explain some points about this book or try and review it first.

The book was about a girl who has a good life but its then turned upside down when her ex BFF calls her out of the blue and then goes missing for four weeks. In that time she falls away from her friends, falls out of love and back into it, and tries to figure out who she is with out losing herself to her BFF. 
The way it was written however the only thing believable is that A. the Protagonist is losing her mind, B. she is a horny little thing who wants to get in Julian pants and C. she is unhealthy obsessed with her ex BFF.  The relationship between the character's was Wish washy, You could tell she was pulling away from her current boyfriend, you could tell she and the girl kate and her boyfriend were good good friends, and you could see the chemistry between her and Julian at times. However when she was with either boy it never struck me as love or a loving relationship. 
With Lee aka boy A, it comes off as a very strong friendship as well as two horny sexual teenagers it didn't come across as a deep loving relationship in the romantic sense just a very strong friendship wich grew apart but that wasn't even focused on in detail, gradually, or primarily. It was just sudden she didn't love him anymore, a birthday, then...nothing. He moved on to another girl with out them even formally breaking up first. 
With Julian aka boy B, it's a mutual feeling of loss. They both are greiveing they both lossed the same girl and in there loss they found each other. However that isn't Love and even at the end of the book the girl admits she knows nothing about him nor he does her. The feeling much like with her first boy is physcial and chapter 39 even says this that her feelings are lust, pure new lust. That feeling of newness that feeling of meeting someone for the first time and getting to know them. But they skip that so she is lusting after a new boy while still supposedly in love with the old 

And that is what this book reads as. This is why its so bad it's good because it doesn't read like what you expect. the characters are flat one or no denominational at best it's similar to the movie "Epic" where you have all the pieces of a good story but not the execution. You can replace any one of these characters and it wouldn't make a diffrence. The writing reflects this and almost doesn't take it's self seriously. Part of what kept me reading was Julian, the goth people, and Dakota and what her music would sound like as well as the mystery of what happend to her. The way it was written was that of Mania or " Feeling depressed on its own is a risk factor, but when coupled with increased energy, agitation, and impulsivity, the patient is more likely to engage in dangerous behaviour" it just reads very speratic and like a high and a low and a low and then high again.
I feel like pushing in drugs (shrooms of all things) was a bit out of place as was the smoking and even drinking and other things. 

My rating is that this is a 2 out of 5 star book, but I didn't hate it and I really did enjoy myself in fact it helped me in a time I needed help and this poorly written flat character book was it. sometimes you don't need a great book or an unputdowanable book, or a book with rich complex characters to bring you down to reality. sometimes it's the smaller more ridiculously done ones. So many people try and stay away from 2 and 3 star books I'm one of them but this one really showed me that maybe I should reconsider what a three or two star can mean.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Not a review but a promise to myself

The short story of this is I've been dealing with two online peoples, both with drama that harkens back to before October 2013 and before May 2014 each. So after much drama I've finally made a promise to myself regarding it all so it doesn't fallow me into 2015

I am not like them

I'm not better or worse then Miss.M and Miss.E

I am forever changing

I do not hold grudges against fictional characters

I do not become so emotionally wrapped up in a concept/headcannon that they over take my life

I do not care who Tops or who bottoms to the point of it ruining enjoyment for me

I do not hate a love intreasty soloy becuse she or he is the love intreast if I dislike or even hate them then I dislike or hate them on there character (Hans or the wicked witch come to mind)

I do not get crushes or "fall in love" with characters as if they were mine or my boyfriend/s

I Do Love characters, relate to characters, and disagree with there actions sometimes

I Do get obsessed over shows, characters, and character relationships

I do not hate a relationship soloy due to "but he should be with a better girl/guy who understands him no matter what" or "but he bottoms! I don't like this ship if he isn't bottom"

I Do dislike or hate a relationship due to chemistry, lack there of, or the character is obviosuly, undesputable evil even for the evil character (wicked witch again)

I do not let that over take my whole person and make it say who I am about me

I Do Enjoy my characters, fandoms, and series that I enjoy

I do not let something like a character relationship, change of looks, looking older, deter me from liking a thing

I am not them

I am not worse or better then them

I will not stoop down to my 10,12,15 year old self of fictional obsession, "so and so is my boyfriend" "I hate her due to her being the love intreast" 
"but I hate his character now what he loves her"

I am not them

I will not go back to spending energy, time, hate on there actions, or anger on them
Miss.M and Miss E will burn and burn and eventually one day burn out
what they have left in the ashes of there fads, and likes now will depend on them

I will not allow them to take me with them

I will not burn with them

They are shameful part of my past but they will not burn my present change or my future 

I am forever changing

 I will not let there stuck in time lives knock me down

I will change

As long as this is it was worth it to write. this is a promise to my friends
That I'll stop assuming they the two above will change, stop getting cought up in drama that really is there problom and stop getting cought up in there hate over a fantasy.
That I'll move on, focus, and to the best of my abilty in the mind set I am now Make something, do something, and NEVER be like them or stoop to thier level of hating something with out the enjoyment of the thing behind it.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

To My Dear Pet shop of horrors (a month late ^^; )

I actually did not come across you in china town but rather while viewing “Long box of the Damned”

The stories and art made me intreasted so I decided to step into the shop. I was not disappointed unlike the manga I had read before this the mysterious here kept me guessing even the one with in the one story that I knew who “done it” still had enough mystery twist to keep me entertained. The art was very 90's manga, not perfect or slick like some of the more modern shojo looking manga this one is classic. That is another thing that makes this manga entertaining is it is a horror manga in shojo style not shonen. The characters, pets, and myserty is so well done and balanced this is a good spooky read for halloween

My rating: 4 of 5
There isn't much to say that isn't already said in the longbox so if you want more then what I said here check out the link


Saturday, October 18, 2014

Cain you are no Godchild (manga review)

I expected Gothic mystery and beautiful art in fact it was only after seeing a persons art at the library that made me want to pick you up dear Godchild. In that I wasn't disappointed the artwork is stunning, the characters were fun, the plot and mysteries left to much to be desired however and afterword just left me very lost.

Imagine dear cain (or dear readers) that I were to hand you a manuscript and this manuscript was chapters three, four, and five, of a story but you didn't know that, you are given heavy plot dumping and are confused about the background workings of the characters. This is what Godchild feels like. Godchild gives you the characters and a page of paragraph to read about the backstory. By the time it comes into play you forget its even a thing in the story so by the end of it it just leaves a bad taste in your mouth. It has elements of being good but throwning in things that never happen on page makes for a mess. The mysteries while at times good were far to obvious or left much to be desired

My rating: 3 of 5
Godchild could have done better, I was looking for dark and I got dark but I just couldn't make sense of the characters relationships nor forgive the blanet obviousness of one mystery.