Monday, September 29, 2014

WildThorn is not a place to go, nor a book to finish (DNF)

I got up to page 164 in this novel, which much to my dismay was not in verse like I was lead to belive.
I then skimmed though to see who did it and why and then I read the epilog. I was promised a few things with this book I was told that

it's a verse novel
It wasn't it was nothing of the sort and while entertaining enough to get me 164 pages in it was very very dreary, depressing, dark, and not at all a quick dark gothic read like I expected. I knew it would be dark and scary but I didn't realize just how emotionally draining it would make one feel.

Love will free her”
164 pages in and there was no romance, in fact the only time I saw romance was the last page. Most of this book reads or tries to read as a “gothic” mystery with dark and depression. Very very little of the romance is there and from what I gathered it wouldn't take place till 222 tops thats 58 pages in between of dark, dreay, depression, and flat out torment in detail

Treachery locks her away”
This much is true, however the reveal doesn't take place till 265 pages in tops which is far far to long a wait when all you have is a very oppressive and down right abusive atmosphere to read about

What I expected was a verse novel about a girl locked in an asylam who makes friends or finds a lover with in the asylum and tries to solve the mystery of who put her in there.
I got a long worded novel with an oppressive and down right abusive atmosphere to read about and while I'm sure 19th century London was like that it doesn't mean I want to read about such things. It was my fault but I'm just very upset with the turn of this book is all.

I want to point out that no. it was not the homosexual aspect of this book that made me not like it in fact it was the reason I picked it up, I didn't finish this book due to how it made me feel afterword it made me feel depressed and like there wasn't any hope at the end it was so so strict and abusive it was stiffing and then It occurred to me I didn't have to read it thus I chose to DNF this one and hope that this post gets buried deep deep into the ground

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Characters, and how for good or bad they touch us.

I was sitting in the car pumping my fist and straight up cheering for lets call him character x, this character is one that from the very very start of the book I enjoyed highly, he wasn't a good character nor was he a villain in the sense of what makes a villain in this book I'm listening too. My excitement for the character, and the way others such as Cole st Clair or Sam Roth have touched me in the past or made me cheer and enjoy them just as they are made me think of this topic. Characters weather it be book, film, TV shows, or even music can touch us deeply. We either love the characters as if they were our own, are protective over them and think we know them better then we know ourselves, we want to hug them and want them to be happy. Or we relate to them, we want to be with them, we think we are like them and see much of ourselves in them and are protective of them for this reason.

I'm no stranger to each of these types of loving a character. I fully 100% up and down understand how each character can touch us, move us, make us better people, and feel oh so real. Everyone everywhere has that special character either from childhood or young teen hood that just got us and got to us. This is a normal part of human life and if you ever meet anyone who says they haven't had a crush on character before or never had a character they fawned over then this is something you should fix.
Respect also goes hand in hand with all this different kinds of loving a fictitious person. Both respect to the other people, respect to the creator, and respect to the character as well. Bellow are some examples of disrespect based on real people I've come in contact with but written by me.

“Top hiccup is disgusting it is the most vial thing ever! How could anyone be stupid enough to thing Hiccup from how to train your dragon was a Dominate? Like hello get a brain he is a Submissive and only a submissive you dumb idiots!” (Rages and sobs on her tumblr about how frostcup is so blacklisted now because people arn't tagging things just for her and how Top hiccup has won the “war”)
This is a form of disrespect. This is insulting to the people who might like hiccup dominate in their smut but also to hiccup himself who is in fact for all he's dorky a strong fictional man capable of being whatever people see him as, it's okay to hate. It's okay to have preferences and it's okay to not like something, it's even okay to express that you don't like that something. But never ever should it come at the expense of hurting real people, insulting real people and their artwork because it's not how you see the character is never ever right and never an excuse to hate on someone or something someone made.

“Nobody will make me to love this couple, because I don't want to. I've got my own favorite couples which are fine by me. So instead of writing comments on DxS stuff about my disappointments.. Sam is a Gothic shrew. Like seriously she is such a whore and whoever is stupid enough to think Danny phantom actually looks good with her obviously just want me to die of rage those stupid disgusting pervets who know nothing of right and wrong” (Goes on a rage to people on their art about how Sam manson should die and Danny phantom should be with a smarter, prettier and better girl then Sam unless sam was a pink wearing pretty blond)
This is disrespect of both people who like sam, the character herself, and the creator. This kind of hate makes the person feel they know better then the creator did and boy howdy did the creator mess up and how dare they put these two characters together.

Each form of hate is wrong but also okay.

IT'S OKAY: to not like something the author did in a story, to not like a character, to not like a character's actions, to change a character from male to female or to change aspects of the character with in art or fanfiction, it's okay to like a character more x (feminine, to like him more as a girl, to wish boy character was a girl, to wish he were gay or to wish they were not in love with said female character) it's okay to point out what is problematic, it's okay to point out why you don't like a character or a ship or something within the fandom. In short there is no wrong way to show your love for the character so long as your not hurting anyone and make sure to endorse that while you like it fictitiously the more taboo aspects you would never endorse in real life its just fictionally.

IT'S WRONG TO: It's wrong to Endorse any of the taboo things you like in fiction in reality (ex. Rape, bestiality, insenst, pedophilla), it's wrong to go on to peoples artwork/work and explain in paragrahs why you hate something about said character or ship, It's wrong to insult people for what they do or do not ship (ex. I'll never approve of Top hiccup shippers), It's wrong to insult LGBTQA indviduals or ships, it's wrong to call them stupid perverts, it's wrong to insult the author/company who gives you said things, it's wrong to think you know better then the author and want to email them telling them they should change x because you don't like it and think you know whats best for everyone, It's wrong to focus on NOTP and to put all your energy into NOTP, it's wrong to post your hate of said character, ship, fandom, show everywhere, and lastly it is wrong to force your option as fact for everyone.

In short there is no wrong way to love and show that love for a character but just don't be mean and rude to people who don't feel the same way is all.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

This was a Fair Game (Although one can do with out the nightmares) ( A book review)

I think out of all the books including Iron kissed this is the first in this universe to give me a wake up in tears crying nightmare. That in of it's self should tell you how good this book is. As always the Alpha and Omega series does something that the Mercy Thompson series doesn't get into as much: background detail. The deeper inner workings of humans vs Other kind, a more in depth look of Dominance and submission etc.

Anna and Charles you two are the greatest example of a positive relationship I've seen in an adult book (not that I read many adult books). Take away the magic, the werewolves, and the extream cases and you have a young wife married to an older man who due to his job is drifting away from his wife. He is only trying to protect her but instead makes her feel less then and neglected. I feel that any 20 something in a relationship can relate to this stuck knowing that no he isn't cheating on you thats not the cause for the distance yet he's also not letting you help either. Another thing that Fair game (as the other books did) does well is show the very real Dominate/submissive dynamics both in every day life as well as a relationship. I feel many people are not aware of the dynamic meeting ones eyes, body language, etc all things that play out in day to day life as well.

Beyond the more realistic aspects of your fair game the supernatural and paranormal mixed with a touch of murder mystery made fair game a compelling read that once you start the only reason to stop or go slow is to savior it it was only the last two chapters that were almost to hard to get though more due to content then pacing ( the character in question is talking about raping said people but they have to be human this kind of talk goes on for about eight or so pages but it feels longer). I think the one thing that can be taken away from this amazing work of fiction is that the scariest monsters aren't always the other kind. That the justice system is flawed and that no one questions they only praise or fear or hate. But that one should rise above that.

I think dear Fair game if I were to praise you it would be on your characters Anna and Charles,the growth of their relationship and as individuals, your fast yet slow burning mystery of fast page turning action and above all the world building and glimpses into Dominant and Submissive behaviors

Dearly yours

My rating: 4 out of 5. I took a star for the subject matter of Rape and well just the mer fact that this book gave me a nightmare where they were after me as anna and I ended up waking up crying. In short a star taken for scary matters and nothing with plot or character or even pacing. I should mention I'm also listening to another book with much more brutal and grisly details but this is the book to give me a nightmare. Kudos. As always I loved this book but can't really say much since it is a tantalizing mystery. I loved it plain and simple.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Funko's part 2

I was looking at my desktop and it seems I missed some pictures from my earlier post Same website applies ( )




If I could get all the Funko

Recently with my purchase of my first and only Funko* How to train your dragon 2 blind bag/box I've fallen in love with these collectible guys, The more I see the more I want for myself but also my Toy loving Boyfriend. So I thought I'd make a Fun quick post with pictures of all the Funko I'd love to collect and the ones that caught my eye for my boyfriend and one I'd want to get for both of us. 




* Funko information and photos from official funko blog here: