Saturday, December 14, 2013

Cover reveal (21)

I'm way behind on these so I'm splitting them up into four posts 1 big one and four one cover's that I eaither had much to say on or really enjoyed on their own

  The story of owen
The summery of this story was not what I thought it would be neither is the cover. I like the smog dragon but the fact that its a modern boy with a back pack and swoard is very....meh. Comment?
It doesn't scream “Pick me up and read me!” it actually says “maybe I should re think this” and “self published”

Oh sweet gothic mother of wonder this cover. I love this cover. Its simplistic and dark and goth. The purple tree with the authors portraits and the simplicity of it makes me want to read it. And feels very old timey feel.

different which I like. The title could look like a crate on the other side for all we know. The girl and the helicopter looking for her its all action packed police chase looking

Midnight thief
Simple, the colors of blue whisps and the iron door is very simple. But it also makes me want to read it still.

A girl called Fearless
I can't quite explain why I love this cover. This cover has a contemporary fuzzy feel to it but also hard and crisp the fuzzy dots and soft look giving way to a broken dlass look and hard pink lines with the girl looking at the city makes me want to eaither read the book or peel back the glass to see the other side

Another one I love. Normally a girl on the cover would send me groaning but the fact that its done to look like an oil painting makes this one pop and makes your eye linger more. Very well done

To simple? This is nice but thats all it feels like something is missing to really give it a zing

To bear an iron key
Intriguing it has a magical pop to it like something out of a movie or a movie poster just enough to make you want to see whats inside.

The bridge from me to you
This is adorable. Simplely and truly a contemporary adorable with the red head in the red dress, them running in a field holding hands this is a nice fluffy lisa schroeder type cover

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  1. I love the cover of Strange and Beautiful Sorrows. It is very simple, but that's what makes it so beautiful!